DDLG: little lifestyle vs age play

DDLG Lifestyle vs daddy fetish

So the question has come up recently: what’s the difference between being a little and having a daddy kink. What are the differences and how do you tell?

In the DDLG space there are a wide variety of practitioners. Some people spend most of their time in big space and others identify themselves as little and spend most of their time as littles. Very few people can live a 24/7 little lifestyle, and this is not often a realistic goal. The aim should be to spend quality time in little space when you can.

Some people enjoy age play casually in a role play way, and others have a fetish for calling their partner daddy during sex. I know several people will say that this doesn’t qualify as being part of the DDLG scene, but I disagree. Even if you only occasionally play in the scene or have a daddy fetish, this community should be welcoming to you. It may grow into a full blown 24/7 DDLG relationship, or it may remain an occasional indulgence. Either way you are valid and welcome here at DDLG Outlet.

It should be noted that those of you who identify as littles (being little is a key and primary part of your personality) do have different needs. Most obviously safe spaces and groups to indulge your little selves. It is very helpful to have friends and partners that let you indulge your little selves with support and love, however it is possible to play solo.

Ultimately both exist on a spectrum, with lifestyle littles sometimes crossing over and including sexual aspects within play but this isn’t a necessary part of their little selves. Fetish littles may be completely asexual and enjoy stuffies on the couch and cartoons, all the way to complex bondage and sexual requirements. Both types are valid, but understandably some lifestyle littles don’t want to be associated with fetish players or sex in any way.

How you end up defining yourself is very personal and will likely change over time. It should not be subject to others opinions, nor should it be dictated to you. This site is for all people in both spaces, and will likely lose followers due to this, but we don’t tolerate kink shaming, nor do we demand sexualisation of little space.

Again if you want to add to this discussion, feel free to share this content or add your comments below. Should you want to support this site, feel free to browse our store. Stay safe, play safe, and have fun.


One thought on “DDLG: little lifestyle vs age play

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    angelica says:

    hi hi I’m new to little space I have gone into it before but I didn’t know what it was and now I do also I’m going to rise awareness about little space to my specile needs class so that they know what it is uwu.

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