You Need To Read This…

Yes you!

We have been receiving a lot of messages from littles and dominants who are unsure if they’re in the right space. If they are doing things right, if they have their life together, if they even want to be little or dominant any more.

To all of you reading this and those who contacted us; I just want to say thank-you for reaching out to us here. I want to tell you you are a terrific amazingly awesome people. You have totally got this.


Mental health is a big thing, and you should stop every once in a while and take a minute to appreciate that you have value to lots of people and you matter. I wanted to take a minute to tell you how much you mean to us here and let you know you guys are amazing.

I have never found a more supportive environment that the little space and DDLG communities and I just want you all to pat yourselves on the back for all the great messages we’ve been receiving. Yes we can’t get to all of them, but, damn it, we’re trying.

So if you have a question, or want to see a topic covered here, please message us. Even if you want a private chat or advice we can keep a secret (Pinkie promise).


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