Little Space 101

Sleeping Little

So what is little space? Little space is where the “little” gets into the head-space of a child and exhibits child like behaviour. Whilst in little space the “little” abandons the adult world and instead dives into a care free mindset which is sometimes used as a coping mechanism for stress being experienced in their regular life (often called “big space”).

So what is little space like?

It differs for each little, but many experience feelings of freedom, playful abandon, joy, and playfulness. For some littles, “little space” is completely non sexual, for others, with the right partner, it can be a sexual space of freedom and exploration. Most littles feel being “little” is a integral part of who they are, and not something that can be ignored or abandoned. For many it is a key part of their identity and how they deal with the world.

Who can be little?

Any gender, identity, or race of people can be little. I’ve met many people who believe their experience of being little is invalid, or incorrect in some way. This just isn’t the case. Many people have different experiences and enjoy different things as a little, but each can be equally valid. Having said that, little space is for adults, and isn’t for children. Age play is not paedophilia, and is only played between consenting adults. There are two key words in that phrase: Consenting, and Adults. You can pretend to resist in rough play, but you need to be able to stop a play session if things get out of hand. Adults can give informed and legal consent. If you’re not an adult in the eyes of the law, don’t argue, wait it out. (Also you shouldn’t be reading this… go watch some YouTube)

What kinds of littles are there?

This is far from an exhausting list but some of the types of littles, given than most littles demonstrate aspects of several different little types:

  • Masochists
  • Switches
  • Asexual
  • Baby space (age identified 0 – 3)
  • Littles (age identified 4 – 8)
  • Middles (age identified 9 – 15)
  • Rope bunnies
  • Little pets
  • Brats
  • Tomboys
  • Sissy boys
  • Little boys
  • Tween boys
  • Lolita/Lolito (age identified 16 – 18)

There are differences between these and I intend to cover these in greater detail in future posts.

Tips to get into little space

So every little is different, so this will vary, but the first step is to get some time and space without interruptions. This will be the same for almost all littles. Blocking out the big world is key to being able to let go and dive into little space. Beyond this step here are a bunch of ideas in no particular order:

  • Watch cartoons or Disney movies
  • Finger paint
  • Get crafty – draw or cut out paper shapes
  • Go to the park and lay on the grass, or use the swings
  • Take a bubble bath
  • Get on the ground and play with toys (getting on the ground helps with feeling smaller)
  • Play dress ups
  • Pick flowers
  • Use a pacifier or your thumb
  • Have a tea party with your toys
  • Snuggle a stuffie… no wait… snuggle all the stuffies!
  • Snuggle daddy… lay on his lap and cuddle into him.


So this has been a brief introduction to little space, but there’s loads more to cover. Over the coming days i’ll be covering the different types of little space, and going into more detail on some of the differences and similarities between littles. If you liked this article leave a comment or drop us a message, and if you want to support the team here feel free to check out our store here.

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