DDLG Date Ideas

Date Ideas

So the eternal challenge in any relationship is trying to come up with date ideas that are new and innovative. Here are a bunch of ideas after we threw a bunch at the wall and this is what stuck.

Create a treasure hunt

Everyone loves a treasure hunt. You can hide gifts, candy, leggo, anything you can think of really. Keep it fun and light hearted, and this can last all evening.

Build a blanket fort

Blanket forts are perfect places to hide from the big world, and defend your territory from attack.

Head to the beach

Sand, sea, surf, and sun… also you’re both almost naked!

Go grocery shopping together

Pushing past aggressive shoppers for the last crown of broccoli alone is miserable, but with a special someone? It’s a sexy team sport.

Plan a fake vacation together

This will give you an insight into each others styles and dreams. Remember that game you played as a kid where you’d spin a globe, see where your finger landed, and pretend you were flying out immediately? Do that but with the benefit of the internet.

Play hide n’ seek

Possibly the world’s flirtiest game.

Play “Never Have I Ever”

In terms of getting to know someone, nothing else comes close.

Find a photo booth

Seriously, you need instructions? Go!

Old photos

Go through old photos of each other. Try to pick the other out of their grade three class photos. Really helps you get back into a child like mindset.

Fly a kite

You get to feel like a kid again… oh wait, isn’t that the entire idea?

Go to an aquarium

Look daddy… FISHIES!!!!

Go to a zoo

Ditto aquarium… but less fishy.

Go to a library together

Story time with daddy, but don’t be too loud…

Go to a psychic together

Let a professional consult the mystic powers and check your relationship for cosmic alignment.

Go shopping together

Set a budget and style each other. This could get interesting.

Go rollerblading/ice-skating

Wear protective gear kids.

Go berry picking

Grab a basket, and in your cutest voice ask if your significant other wants to pick berries with you.

Go to an improv show

Even if it’s horrible you’re bound to have a great time.

Go to a trivia night

Well – it would seem, Daddy doesn’t know EVERYTHING!!!

Go on a scavenger hunt

Just like a treasure hunt, but in the big wide world! Set ground rules and give each other clues… on your marks – go!

Go for a hike

Out in nature, things with a special somebody can get intimate quickly.

Go on a picnic

Romantic and fun. You can pack your favourite snacks and a blankie.

Go camping

Cuddling under he stars is so romantic. Even if you get rained out, you need to get those wet clothes off!

Do a home movie marathon

Set a theme – kids movie, romantic comedy… so many options.

Coloring books

Go hard at coloring, or make a competition out of it. Does daddy have any skills?

Board games

This can be done with just two of you, or you could host a party and break out the board games.

Go to an art gallery

Many galleries have free entry and you can see how your skills stack up to the professionals.

Check out adoptable pets online

You know, for someday… Daddy Pweeease!!!!

De-clutter your lives together

Going through old stuff, and finding out what weird things your significant other can’t do without.

Go on a museum date

Lots of stuff to stare at and new things to learn. Endless fun.

Take a long walk together

No destination needed cos you have each other… Awwww

Go to the park

Sit on a bench, lie in the grass, play on the swings… what’s not to like?

Go to a water park

Near naked fun with waterslides!

Take a dance class

Get close and personal with your partner and boogie on down.

Watch the sunrise/sunset

Romance at its finest

Go to a bookshop

I can’t believe you haven’t read that?

Go to a music store

I can’t believe you haven’t heard that?

Bake together

Messy fun – and there’s cookies.

Go kayaking

Blissful peace and quiet in nature, but paddle carefully or you may tip out.

Go bowling

A favourite pass time of so many, even if you don’t like it there’s always beer nearby.

Play twister

If this ends up well everyone falls down.

Drive in cinema

Just like a regular movie, except you can make out easier.

Play laser tag

Such a kid thing to do, and you get to shoot things.

Build a bear

Not only do you end up with a stuffie at the end, but you have the enjoyment of making it together so it’s extra special.


This is just a starting list, there are many more ideas you can come up with but this could trigger some inspiration. If you liked this post leave us a comment below, and if you want to support the blog, feel free to shop at our store.

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